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Subject: Re: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Core Components-Transactions!

Rat hole alert!   This thread has gone so far off topic that it should
be moved to the general discussion list and off any list intended for
real work.

At the risk of diving into the rat hole, I won't argue with David's
point that people "expect" ebXML to deliver transactions (standard
schemas, DTDs), since I run into people all of the time who have that
expectation.  That is *not* however what ebXML ever set out to do, it is
not what we have done, and it is highly unlikely that it is something
that ebXML or a *direct* successor will do.  That, in itself, is at the
very least a marketing problem - how do we get people to buy into ebXML
as an infrastructure when, for whatever reason, they expect it to
deliver the standard purchase order?

Again, I make the point that this "expectation" is not what William
asked for.  If I understand correctly, he asked how to portray the value
proposition of Core Components *as we are delivering them*, not as you
would like them to be.

Signing off of this thread...


David Lyon wrote:

> People need transactions ! How can ebXML ever work if it doesn't have
> transactions ? I was led to believe that ebXML was all about defining
> some standard XML transactions for eb. What the world expects is some
> simple XML documents for:  - Product Catalogs - Purchase Orders -
> Invoices/Receipts - Payment Advices - Statement of Accounts

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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