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ebxml-dev message

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Subject: ebXML Repository

 >Hi All!

 >I am a student and I am working on my dissertation project at
 >the moment. The scope of the project is to evaluate different
 >technologies that are used to deploy B2B transaction scenarios.
 >Mainly I am about to evaluate ebXML, Biztalk and UDDI.

 >As my reading is progressing, more doubts have been cleared and of
 >course I realise the complexity of the ebXML framework. As I
 >have  a short time to implement a piece of software, I decided
 >to narrow the scope of my project in just analysing how an ebXML
 >registry can be accessed by searching in the registry and
 >retrieving the documents that are stored in the registry.

 >Also I would like to implement and analise how UDDI can find
 >ebXML reg/reps. From a USER Application point of view,(As far
 >as I understand) I need to develop a program which might be
 >developed in Java that uses certains APIs to discover or search
 >enterprises in the registry, and if it is of my interest then
 >I will retrieve the enterprises's documents. This is only from
 >the point of view of accessing a repository.

 >But then I ask myself on how to use UDDI to find an ebXML repository.
 >This makes me believe that this feature needs to be implemented
 >at the repository level as repository features, which might be
 >very complex for the scope of my project.

 >I would really appreciate If someone can tell me wheather I am
 >on the right track or I am just talking nonsense. Also I have
 >read that UDDI and ebXML can complement each other, but I don't
 >understand how they can complement.

 >Best Regards,


The following is just IMHO.

By UDDI registory specification, we can describe business information
(White Page), services information of the business(Yellow Page) and
technical infomation of the service(Green Page). tModel may have a
URL to Model specification used by services.

The concrete Model will be RosettaNet PIP, the industry specific XML
schema, and WDSL file, etc.

I think it is a philosophy that UDDI registry  does not contain the
spefification information of Model itself.

PIP and XML schema may be stored in the public repsitory such as
XML.org、Biztalk.org. On the other hand, WSDL file for specific service
will be hold incompany's private file in web server.

By the way, I think that ebXML registory & repository specification
has not concrete XML schema for describing business and service, mamely
White Page and Yellow Page.  And also, it has not XML schema for
describing technical information of service(Green Page) .
Only, there is an abstract XML schema (Meta Model) such as general
repository schema.

In CPP&CPA, I can find the XML schema for describing technical
information of service interface. I think CPP is corresponding or
nealy equal to part of green page's information of UDDI and/or WSDL.

<UDDI linking with ebXML>
So, tModel instance of UDDI may have a URL of CPP file in ebXML public
registory & repository or company's private server.

By now, I don't know ebXML public registory & repository site in
production, though DISA recently announced that they will be such
site in near future.

(Again, this is IMHO)

Kotaro Ooishi. 

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