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Subject: RE: How to Create an ebXML Order (EDI 850 transaction set)

On Thursday, July 12, 2001 10:52 AM Bob Haugen  wrote:
> You can either use the X12 850 documents
> with ebXML messaging service and business process specification,
> or adopt an XML order document from one of the groups that is
> closely related to ebXML, e.g. RosettaNet, Commerce One's xCBL,
> OAG BODs, etc.  Check out the Catalog of Common Business Processes
> for others:
> http://www.ebxml.org/specs/bpPROC.pdf

You can also use the XEDI representation (www.xedi.org) since it includes
every transaction, segment, element, loop, etc defined by every version of
both EDIFACT and X12.  The other XML-based initiatives (listed above)
provide adequate support, but are unable to represent all of the structures
or elements that may appear within a typical 850 (making the mapping process
somewhat difficult).   Mapping other transactions could prove to be even
more difficult since these approaches might not provide a suitable XML

The XEDI approach restores the human readable metadata defined by X12 (or
EDIFACT) and provides an XML representation for any transaction, any version
(again, X12 or EDIFACT).

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