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Subject: Re: regrep by sun


I try to follow the quick tour, do a submission first. It asks me to login then I
try to
login with "guest/guest". However, it gives me this error:

getNonPackageObjects: guest null

I have looked at the iAS log, it does not report any errors about the JNDI
registration of the database.
I tried to make a wrong connection (by deliberately making a wrong connection
string but keeping the
original JNDI name of the datasource), it gives me the same error too, without any
error log. It means
that it has already died before connecting the database?

Thank you very much for your advise.



> Leanne/Ias --
>         Did you submit anything to the registry??
>         I suspect that there is nothing in the repository as
>         we do not provide any demo data.
>         I recommend you *follow* the quick tour and do a submission,
>         i.e Hit the "Submit Content" to create a package/extrinsic
>         object. Then when you are returned to the page, you will
>         see content.
>         I would also suggest you look in the iAS logs to see if
>         your JNDI Registration of the database went thru.
>         My colleagues will try their best to answer questions
>         while I'm away on vacation until 8/26.
>         --Mukund
> >From: "Leanne Luger" <leanne@zenaptix.com>
> >To: "MUKUNDAN PARTHASARATHY" <Mukundan.Parthasarathy@eng.sun.com>,
> <e109762@ceng.metu.edu.tr>
> >Cc: <Farrukh.Najmi@sun.com>, "Adrian Chong" <achong@eti.hku.hk>, "Ian de Beer"
> <ian@zenaptix.com>
> >Subject: RE: regrep by sun
> >Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 12:40:02 +0200
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> >
> >Dear Mukund and Farrukh
> >
> >I have had another look at the documentation and have tried logging in as
> >guest/guest, but immediately get
> >getNonPackageObjects: guest null
> >
> >I have included Adrian's message below because I am getting the same errors
> >he does.

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