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Subject: RE: edi/xml and ebxml

On Saturday, August 18, 2001 1:33 PM Mike Rawlins wrote:
>    * Grocery, retail, etc. - UCC - www.uc-council.org
>    * Electronics Supply Chain - RosettaNet -
> www.rosettanet.org
>    * ERP - OAG - www.openapplications.org
>    * xCBL - From CommerceOne, but to be the foundation of
> UBL - www.xcbl.org

You can also use the XEDI representation (www.xedi.org) since it includes
every transaction, segment, element, loop, etc defined by every version of
both EDIFACT and X12.  Other XML-based initiatives (such as those listed
above) provide adequate support, but are unable to represent all of the
structures or elements that may appear within a typical EDI transaction
(making the mapping process somewhat difficult).   Mapping EDI transactions
could prove to be even more difficult since these approaches might not
provide any XML representation for some of the transactions you mentioned.  

The XEDI approach restores the human readable metadata defined by X12 (or
EDIFACT) and provides a 100% compatible XML representation for any
transaction, any version (again, X12 or EDIFACT).  We also have some
industry-specific representations available (such as AIA, AIAG, EDIG@S,

We are working with other organizations (such as OAG and Jon Bosak's UBL
Group) to assist in providing EDI support.  We will be making a fairly major
announcement regarding the XEDI approach at the upcoming X12 meeting in
Miami (we will offer an even more robust approach to EDI representation - we
will also make this new approach available to the public domain).  

Please email me directly if you would like more information regarding XEDI
or our upcoming X12 announcements.


John Evdemon
CTO - XML/Director of Engineering

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