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Subject: Re: regrep by sun


This log file does not exist and the console tells nothing. Thanks for your advise.


Jeff Suttor wrote:
I try to follow the quick tour, do a submission first. It asks me to login then 
try to
login with "guest/guest". However, it gives me this error:

getNonPackageObjects: guest null

this error would occur when the database is searched to see what objects belong
to the user.

where there any messges in <iAS home>/ias/logs/kjs_1_CCS0?

was there a message in the system error output in the console that started iAS,
e.g. "SQL for getNonPackageObjects: " + sql?

Jeff.Suttor@Sun.com http://sun.com/xml
XML Technology Center

Adrian Chong
Technology Officer
E-Business Technology Institute
The University of Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 22415673
Fax: (852) 25497908

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