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Subject: ebXML Envelope DeliveryReciept


I need a delivery reciept for an ebXML envelope. The envelope is based on
the Message Service and the messageHeader.xsd, but I'm not using SOAP. 

In the Message Service Specification 1.0, Appendix A, there is a element
DeliveryReciept which I thought could be used, but this part is not present
in the messageHeader.xsd.

Does someone have an example of a simple delivery reciept for the ebXML
envelope, and/or does it excist a new version of messageHeader.xsd that
follows the latest XML Scema spesificaton? (I have converted it with XMLSpy
4.0, but there must be an official version to be used somewhere).

I heard that ebXML will be full XML Schema compatilble in early November,
but I can't wait for this. It's for pilot-testing, and will probalby be full
ebXML-compatible next year.

The delivery reciept message could be a really simple standalone message
with from, to, id, version, ref and errorcodes. 



Espen Stranger Seland

Adviser @ KITH http://www.kith.no		Office	+47 22 06 79 85
Norwegian Centre for Medical Informatics	Mobile	+47 98 21 68 29
PB 124 Blindern, N-0314  Oslo, Norway		Fax	+47 23 33 09 65

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