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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Re: real life problem


It is my intention to have our application (EDI Plus) eventually support ebXML 
protocols as a default communication option.  Currently though we are still 
studying ebXML.

EDI Plus is designed to receive EDI format data and then reformat it into whatever 
custom format is needed.  This can be used for receiving EDI data and converting it 
into a format used internally - or for sending data internally and converting it 
into EDI format for transmission.  We are looking into (eventually) modifying EDI 
Plus so it can receive standard EDI transmissions and reformat the data into the 
appropriate ebXML document for forwarding.  The intention is to provide a solution 
that will help with 2 scenarios:

(1) Organizations with current EDI infrastructure investment can use it to convert 
their EDI transmissions to ebXML(etc.) for transmission via the Internet, etc. - 
and receive ebXML(etc.) transmissions and convert it back to the EDI format.  Thus 
they only have to add an external "translation module" and keep their current 
investment intact.

(2) Organizations that do not have EDI infrastructure, but need to communicate with 
groups using EDI (This is currently available).  If the client wishes, we can 
format the internal output to be in ebXML - but currently it outputs PHP.

What is somewhat unique about the application is that it has been developed 
entirely using Open Source technologies and is designed to run on Open Source 
Operating Systems, Databases, etc.  We typically license the code to the client, so 
they can modify it as needed them selves (if they like).  The application has been 
developed using a highly structured "Object Oriented Like" engineering methodology 
we are planning on writing a publication about in the near future.  One of the 
advantages of having the application written with this method is that it makes it 
VERY easy to understand the logic of the application and modify it.  Thus allowing 
the end users MIS staff better understanding of the product.

We are considering (although this is still highly speculative) releasing an open 
source version of the system some time in the future.  I'm very interested in 
hearing others opinions on this type of approach.  Basically, it would include a 
small turn-key system that could be installed on low end Intel hardware.  Assuming: 
(1) we implement the ebXML format in the system and (2) we do release it - I think 
it could provide a novel and cost effective solution.  Particularly for businesses 
in developing nations.

Thanks & I look forward to your input,


>How is a Web Application related to ebXML and developing apps for it?
>Steve McGough wrote:
>>Thanks for the inquiry.  Inttek EDI / Web Based technologies have been in
>>use commercially for over a year and have received very positive acceptance
>>from our client base.  Compared to traditional solutions, we are highly cost
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Steve McGough
Vice President
Internet Technologies, Inc.

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