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Subject: RE: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML has failed !

There is always debate about standards and their 'traction' in the 
marketplace. I would say that ebXML is a strong candidate for success 
regardless of MS's support. They are not interested in supporting not 
sure why but suspect it is because of Sun's close involvement and 
besides it derails them from their BizTalk schema efforts.

Consider Covisint's stated use of ebXML - they are a major player, at 
least the automobile manufacturers are major players. This, along with 
many other major ebXML buy in, should overcome MS's lack of 'support'.


December 24, 2001
Covisint Crafts XML Schema
By  Renee Boucher Ferguson


Covisint LLC, the auto industry e-marketplace backed by such 
heavyweights as DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors 
Corp., is making decisive standards moves to improve efficiencies for 
its members.

The Southfield, Mich., company will announce during the first week of 
January that it has aligned with the Organization for the Advancement of 
Structured Information Standards and will adopt that group's ebXML 
(Electronic Business XML) messaging standard. In addition, Covisint 
plans to announce in the first quarter that it has aligned with the Open 
Applications Group Inc. standards body to create an XML schema for the 
auto industry.

Sponsored by two standards bodies, OASIS and the United Nations Centre 
for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business, ebXML is a modular suite 
of specifications that provides a messaging and enveloping standard for 
companies to exchange electronic business messages, communicate data in 
common terms, and define and register business processes.

Covisint currently receives XML purchase orders from DaimlerChrysler, 
Ford and GM, but they are received in three different flavors. Covisint 
also receives electronic data interchange documents from other members 
that are also enveloped in a variety of flavors.

What Covisint is attempting to do with ebXML is define a standard 
envelope as well as a standard payload, according to Jeffrey Cripps, the 
company's director of industry relations.

An XML schema is a data structure for documents that not only defines 
the syntax of a document—what a field is called—but also defines 
semantics, or what a specific field means. Cripps said the exchange 
seeks to create for the auto industry a schema for a global dictionary 
that can be used for interoperability among vertical markets—a huge gap 
in business-to-business.

While aligning with ebXML is a significant move for the exchange, 
Covisint's work with the OAG could prove even more worthwhile by 
enabling it to develop proprietary standards for the automotive industry 
under the umbrella of an open-standards group, officials said. Cripps is 
in talks with the action groups of the North American and European 
automotive industries—Automotive Industry Action Group and Odette, 
respectively—to see if they will join Covisint and the OAG in developing 
the schema for the industry.

Covisint isn't alone in its efforts to create a global dictionary for 
interoperability. OASIS is developing its Universal Business Language, 
also a global dictionary.

"The OASIS group is presumably vendor-neutral," said Rita Knox, an 
analyst at Gartner Inc., in Stamford, Conn. "The idea is to keep a 
catalog of what standards are emerging, an idea of the breadth of what's 
going on."

Automotive supplier ArvinMeritor Inc.'s CIO, Perry Lipe, said he will 
support Covisint's effort for both an XML standard and a schema. 
However, Lipe is concerned that one exchange backing an industry schema 
might not be viewed as an open standard.

"I think one exchange is not going to excite [industry players]. But 
interoperability will," said Lipe, in Troy, Mich.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <Name>Michael Dockham</Name>
     <Company>Cargill, Inc.</Company>
     <Department>Food I/T</Department>
     <Job_Desc>Strategy &amp; Architecture - Technical 

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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML has failed !

> Maybe I read too much :-)
Well, you certainly do. I once read an interview with a self-made man 
claims that the key of success is being stupid (for you don't know 
awaiting you) and lazy (in order to make people work for you). Maybe do 
at all have the proper qualities for business ;-))

In earnest, could you help a fellow reader to get a more systematic 
of XML based information exchange standards beside ebXML and who 
them? Maybe there's a web site somewhere having a classification? I 
like to know where to read in depth.

Thanks in advance,

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