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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] Running ebXML on a chip...


> What are you thoughts of running ebXML as an appliance (i.e., embedded)
> application?

I think this will be a very "good thing" for ebXML adoption.  For mass acceptance by 
SME's a turn-key appliance is just the ticket.  I don't know of too many SME's that 
could afford to care and feed for a J2EE infrastructure (which will likely be the ebXML 
tech platform of choice for the big boys), now would they have any interest in doing 
such even if they could afford it (no business benefit to them).

By way of real-world example, IBM has had a lot of success with their AS-400 line 
(and it's precursor S36/38 machines) by reducing the level of IT expertise required to 
run these boxes, and thereby captured a large market share in the ME market 
(especially in the manufacturing sector).

I could see that turnkey ebXML platforms (appliances) would be very attractive to 
SME's, and wide deployment of such machines would then motivate the bigger 
trading partners to provide ebXML gateways as well.

Speaking of which, more than one large technology vendor is considering just such 
ebXML appliance products.


Chaeron Corporation

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