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Subject: RE: AW: [ebxml-dev] RE: [EDI-L] Article on ebXML Core Components ...

At 02:54 PM 4/25/02, Rachel Foerster wrote:
>Klaus,... re QB....can it **receive** a PO from a customer and then take
>care all of the above tasks required for the PO-to-Payment process including
>the necessary documents (ideally relevant to our discussion, electronic
>business messages in a standard format)?  It doesn't appear to be that QB And
>is quite there on this entire process.....

Of course they aren't.  When Intuit wants SMEs to be able to
send/receive directly with each other we will ALL know it!  :-)

For many years, there has only been one interface to Quickbooks.
The QIF format that is intended *only* to facilitate bank account
integration. And that works pretty good!  At fee-based integration
within a portal model of course.

Intuit is actually rather conservative and slow moving. They
do a *lot* of analysis, design and usability testing.  The ISVs
and VARs will deliver integration such as BCMs *much*
quicker than Intuit.

Smart developers will write core accounting systems to
imitate Quickbooks (in order to exploit all those great new
connectors).  Within 1 year after Intuit actually exposes any
interfaces there will be 100 clones between $20-$50.

My earlier roadmap explains why Intuit has stalled 10 years
on opening their interfaces, they are the AOL of the software
business.  Ninja masters of stickiness!   They could have
built P2P via modems ten years ago, if they wanted.


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