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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Problem of "B2B Content" article

Todd, maybe I missed your point with my previous
response.  I thought you were concerned about
the lack of standardization of the information
models in regards to interoperability.
Is your concern more for the security of the info?

From: Todd Boyle 
> it seems to me the individual and small /med. business
> has just as great a need to operate strategically in network
> markets as the global corporations.  


> Every element of their
> buying, selling, business model, terms, etc. could lead
> to greater risk than benefit, if published unwisely.

So is that your main concern?

> If this sort of concern is out of scope for standardization then,
> won't the chaos and disparate approaches continue?  

So, to recap, is your concern about a standardized
approach to security for product information, rather
than standards for the information itself?

-Bob Haugen

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