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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] The differences between ebXML and RosettaNet ?

At 16:43 5.6.2002 +0800, =?utf-8?B?5pyJ6LOi?= wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have study ebXML in last 3 months .
>And I know the basic concept about ebXML
>I study RosettaNet  recently.......
>I don't know what are the differences between ebXML and RosettaNet .
>can anyone tell me about that?

ebXML is a horisontal standard effort and aims to bring eBusiness to all 
RosettaNet is vertical standard for IT and semi-conductor industry.

Both can be classified as business process standards (define processes and 
data involved in business transactions). Both basically build on moving 
business data in XML format over Internet between trading partners.

What is seems to me ebXML effort adapted some ideas of RosettaNet. And now 
RosettaNet in thinking about adopting some of the ebXML specifications made 
like RosettaNet messaging as well as BPSS for specifying RosettaNet 
PIPs  (Partner Interface Processes) in machine processable format.

At this point RosettaNet specifications are more concrete in defining how 
RosettaNet processes are executed in detail. They provide DTD and 
dictionaries for validation of data transferred in PIPs. For messaging 
RosettaNet uses RNIF as implementation framework.

ebXML provides Meta-Model of how things should be when modeling business 
processes (BPSS), how to capture data semantics with Core Components and 
how to messaging works reliably(Messaging service specification). ebXML 
defines also some additional spesifications like how to locate trading 
partners via registries and how to dynamically make partner agreements 

If you want compare individual parts like differences in messaging look at 
thread ebMS vs. RNIF in this list (discussion was on April).

Paavo Kotinurmi, Researcher
Software Business and Engineering Institute
Mail address:           P.O. Box 9600, 02015 HUT, Finland
Street address:         Metsänneidonkuja 10, Espoo
tel. +358 9 451 6224    gsm +358 50 563 0276    fax +358 9 451 4958

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