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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Web Services and ebXML

> This thread leads me into an issue that I have been dealing with. As
> ebXML and Web services enthusiast, I have been trying to find training
> courses for both management and consultants/developers that covers (1)
> days on Web services technology; (2) 1-2 days on ebXML technology; and
> one day to compare/contrast the two and look at sample B2B
> using both technologies.
> Any recommendations ? Any training companies out there that can
> that type of course ?

I recommend Bob Goonin for the best and most engaging
ebXML courses.

He helped me put on a presentation at the February
eBTWG meeting that is still being talking about.
Klaus-Dieter Naujouk adapted the slides for his
new standard UN/CEFACT presentation.

Goonin's presentations include audience-participation games
that people can really understand.  He's got a videotape of
the Seattle game that will give you the flavor.  Don't look
at my part, look at Bob G's part.

-Bob Haugen

Disclaimer:  Bob G is my business partner,
but he does the presentations on his own,
and I'd recommend him anyway.
Ask anybody who saw the Seattle COOL

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