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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Re: Addendum to Automating execution of Biz Processes(& BPSS)....

I had asked that this particular discussion thread be allowed to die, but 
since Andrez is asking for a direct response here I will offer a few brief, 
additional words, in-line.


At 10:37 PM 6/25/02 -0400, Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:
>I was thinking over dinner (and cold Sam Adams) and wanted to add a few
>points to my response to Mike's comments:
> >  Shall we agree to disagree?
>On second thought, this comment struck me as disappointing, since Mike did
>not respond to any of my specific arguments that automation of biz processes
>(and BPSS specs in particular) was not only desireable, but maybe should be
>virtually mandatory.
>Let's leave aside the personal chest pounding and the "agreeing to disagree"
>(which is rather unproductive) and debate the merits of my and Mike's
>respective viewpoints instead.  I would much rather do that, as it will 
>the readers of this list, and the wider ebXML community as well.
>Ball is in your court on this one, Mike.  Was your offer to "agree to 
>disagree" a
>tacit admission of defeat, in the face of superior debate or will you 
>address the
>points that were made? ;-)
>I have an open mind and am willing to be convinced....

It most certainly wasn't a tacit admission of defeat in the face of 
superior debate.  It was simply my assessment that very little that either 
of us is going to write is going to change anyone's opinion.  I have spent 
way too much unpaid time on ebXML already, and don't particularly care to 
spend additional time in such a fruitless exercise.  In addition, when I 
have extended comments to make I prefer to post them on my web site, and 
not clutter up what is intended to be a list to discuss implementation and 
development issues.

If you want to take my refusal to debate any further as victory for your 
arguments, go ahead.  It doesn't mean you're right, though.  All it means 
is that we have different opinions.  Only time will tell which one of us 
right (if either).


>The gauntlet has been thrown down. Pick it up if you dare. <grins>

Thank you, but I'll leave it on the floor.

>Andrzej Jan Taramina
>Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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