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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] Gartner and ebXML

Its funny that Gartner likes to talk about standards, but is clueless when it 
comes to the standard definition of a web service:

 | Definition: A Web service is a software application identified by a URI,
 | whose interfaces and binding are capable of being defined, described and
 | discovered by XML artifacts and supports direct interactions with other
 | software applications using XML based messages via internet-based
 | protocols
 | http://www.w3.org/TR/2002/WD-wsa-reqs-20020429#N100CB

>Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 11:20:00 -0500
>From: Brian Repko <brian_repko@hotmail.com>
>Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] Gartner and ebXML
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>Thanks for the selected excerpts.  However, in looking again
>through the material, there are lots of discussions on B2B
>scenarios for web services and again, ebXML does not come
>up.  I did find a reference to ebMS but that was the only
>part of ebXML that came up.  That reference is in a presentation
>(A7 for those that have it too!) by Jess Thompson and Wes Rishel
>that discusses  standardization of semantics and never mentions
>Core Components (and yes, I realize that that is not *technically*
>a part of ebXML).  It is in fact comparing RosettaNet PIPs
>against BPMI (ignoring external vs internal workflow) and never
>mentions BPSS.  It discusses UDDI (with caution) but never
>mentions RegRep.
>For it's part it clearly supports ebMS...but it stops there
>and never mentions other parts of the framework when their
>direct counterparts and solution space is being addressed.
>It is also a bit upsetting that in a seminar with 29 presentations
>on application integration, that not one describes the ebXML
>framework - OSI comparison or not - Gartner should at least describe
>the business problems that ebXML was designed to solve.  Perhaps
>that is how it gets marketed.
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Peter Kacandes

Sr. Product Manager, Java XML APIs	phone number: 	408 276 7139, X17139
Java Software Products 			email:	peter.kacandes@sun.com

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