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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebXMLsoft Registry 2.1

We are pleased to announce ebXMLsoft Registry 2.1, a full implementation of the OASIS/ebXML Registry Specifications v2.1 for Web browser clients. This 100% Java/EJB product implemented in a J2EE component-based multi-tier architecture is the most scalable ebXML registry available today. All UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms are supported. It is also deployable on leading J2EE application servers: IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and JBoss.
Please visit our web site www.ebxmlsoft.com for more information about products and services.
For a press release regarding this announcement, please visit http://www.ebxmlsoft.com/news/pr/press-release-06jan2003.html
Goran Zugic

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