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Re: What the ? is happening to ebxml, and where the ? is it going ?


| I've been following ebxml for a few years now, and just reflecting
| the comments of others, I too am wondering where ebxml is going ?

It's gaining significant traction in Asia.  For example, see
slides 1-8 of the May 2004 UBL Korean Localization Subcommittee


| So far, most of the implementations that I've seen require
| somebody with a list of degrees and maybe a phd to setup, install
| and run. That's ok if ebxml is going to be simply an academic
| pursuit.

Efforts are underway to provide basic ebXML functionality in an
easy-to-use prepackaged form.  For example, see slides 5-7 of the
May 2004 report to UBL from the Center for Ecommerce
Infrastructure Development at the University of Hong Kong:


By betting on WS* technologies that are still far from
constituting a coherent set of standards and ignoring the
immediate benefits of a commoditized infrastructure that would
bring existing paper-based trade practices into the electronic
age, the big American software companies appear to me to be ceding
B2B technology leadership to Asia.


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