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Subject: Re: What the ? is happening to ebxml, and where the ? is it going ?

"Monica J. Martin" wrote:
> Jean-Jacques Dubray wrote:
> >Did you mean GSA or GXA? How do we know that any given stack is
> >"complete", what is the criteria to leave something out?
> >
> >JJ-
> >
> >
> mm1: Joe, what is the GXA umbrella anyway?

Ah, that's a good point Monica. At one time (about early to mid 2003),
there was a well-defined set of specifications that
Microsoft/IBM/BEA/others grouped under the term "GXA". However, since
then I don't see the term GXA used much anymore, if at all. I also keep
in mind that only one out of these approximately 20 specifications has
completed (or even entered, for that matter) an open standards process -
OASIS Web Services Security (originally WS-Security).

Kind Regards,
Joe Chiusano
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Strategy and Technology Consultants to the World

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