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ebxml-mktg-sc message

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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] ebXML JMT SC Agenda Item: eBES

Please review the following request and be prepared to discuss on
Thursday's ebXML JMT Steering Committee call.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sylvie Colas [mailto:sylvie.colas@wanadoo.fr]
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 2:28 AM
To: Monica Martin
Cc: Zeeuw-Mina Ariana; Colin Barham; Alain Dechamps; Jostein Fromyr
Subject: Re: eBES Information Centre on ebXML - 2

Dear Monica,

Thank you very much for your proposal of collaboration.

eBES (e-Business Board for European Standardisation) is preparing a web
based ebXML Information Centre.  The purpose is to provide a central
of standards and related information on ebXML and further emerging
in XML, to which companies and members of the public may refer.

For the moment the Information Centre is being developed.  I will send
the permanent address of the web site as soon as it is available.

Waiting for this address, you will find below the main sections of the
"ebXML Information Centre".  We are very interested to cooperate in any

1.  About ebXML
1.1. Founding Organisations
1.2. The ebXML initiative
1.3. The role of eBES in the continued development

2. Application and use of ebXML
2.1. Available tools and software products
2.2. Pilot projects and implementations
2.3. Migration from EDI to ebXML

3. The ebXML technology
3.1. The ebXML technical architecture
3.2. The semantic framework
3.3 .The technical infrastructure

4. Related XML initiatives
4.1. UBL
4.2. Organisations supporting ebXML
4.3. Organisations recognised by UN/CEFACT to provide "permissible"

5. Frequently asked questions

Do not hesitate to ask me more information about any section or
of this Information Centre.

With best regards,

Sylvie Colas.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Monica Martin" <mmartin@certivo.net>
To: <sylvie.colas@WANADOO.FR>
Cc: "Monica Martin" <mmartin@certivo.net>
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 6:02 PM
Subject: FW: eBES Information Centre on ebXML - 2

I am working with the ebXML Joint Marketing Team (JMT), under OASIS, to
communicate and champion ebXML awareness and adoption.  Can you give me
some more details about your information centre and provide some links?
We would be quite interested in collaborating with you.

Thank you.

Monica J. Martin
Program Manager
Drake Certivo, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Francesco FEDELE [mailto:fedele@effedue.com]
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 11:29 PM
To: Monica Martin
Subject: Fwd: eBES Information Centre on ebXML - 2

This might interest you/your company. Feel free to contact Alain
directly on this matter.

>Dear All,
>This is an addition to my previous message (sent at noon) about the
>eBES Information Centre on ebXML.
>We are developing another section in this information centre. This
>section is specially dedicated to "Tools and Software products".
>If you want your tools or software being mentioned in that section,
>please send us the following information about your products:
>*** Overview of the software,
>*** Platforms with the minimal system requirements for the user,
>*** Type of users  (companies, administrations, ...),
>*** Number of users,
>*** Availibility/Price of the product.
>Please could you also send this information directly to Mrs. Sylvie
>Colas (<mailto:sylvie.colas@WANADOO.FR>sylvie.colas@WANADOO.FR)
>Alain Dechamps
>Workshop Manager
>CEN - European Committee for Standardization
>Rue de Stassart, 36 B-1050 Brussels BELGIUM
>Tel.: +32 2 550 08 67
>Fax: +32 2 550 08 19
>E-mail: alain.dechamps@cenorm.be
>Web: <>www.cenorm.be/ISSS

Francesco FEDELE - General Manager
Effedue Consulting Srl - Via Stradella, 75 - 00124 Roma (ITALY)
Consultancy, Training and Technologies for e-business
Consulenza, Formazione e Tecnologie per l'e-business
Tel.+39 06 50932505  Fax +39 06 23318890  Web: http://www.effedue.com

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