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Subject: re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 5/23/2003: Yellow Dragon Software


I told Duane he needs to contact Dee directly with this stuff - for
the news - and also to get updated on the site of list of 
implementors of ebXML.

And of course yourself for the next issue of "Adoption" WP.

Maybe we should add a "vendor publicity instructions" - guide
to the ebXML.org website - for future reference.

something like : - to publisize your new product or tool contact
the following:

ebXML News - Dee
Implementations - 
Adoptions - Monica
Projects - Monica


Thanks, DW
Message text written by "Monica J. Martin"
To distribute, if you don't already have the notice, on the 
www.ebxml.org and perhaps to ebXML Mktg:


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