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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML name


Should we close this thread? I think our future direction with name change
is obvious - keep it. Think about how much efforts, money and time were
invested in ebXML. Why do we need to start it again?

Regards, Alexei

Alexei Chirokikh, Ph.D.
e-Business Architect, IBM Global Services
1630 Long Pond Road
Rochester, NY 14626
Voice: 1.716.720.7534  T/L: 451.7534
Cell: 1.716.509.4869

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                                                Chirokikh/Rochester/IBM@IBMUS, dmw@nwlink.com,                                         
                      06/24/2002 11:20          ARIJIT.SENGUPTA@oracle.com, rachelf@ix.netcom.com,                                     
                      AM                        ebxml-mktg@lists.ebxml.org                                                             
                                               Subject:  RE: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML name                                                   

Message text written by Daniel Feygin
>My point is
that changing the name to something more meaningful to potential users
be an effective way of increasing the awareness and vendor appeal.<



Whatever you call it -  Foobar-flakes, Krispy-Creme-EDI, it will all take
and effort to promote.  People are not born understanding this stuff.

Lets promote the name we have - it has WAY MORE recognition than
you realize - books written on it - hundreds of articles - spec's, et al.

Just run a Google on ebXML to get a sense of the volume out there
already.  This is presence - and it has been hard fought for over three


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