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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML name

Hi All. For some reason this discussion has changed into "should we scrap the ebXML name". As I made clear in my initial email, that is not an option before the marketing team. What the JCC had requested feedback on was the following:
The ebXML JCC is planning to release profiles of ebXML standards, and infrastructure specs such as SOAP, WSDL, XMLDSIG, that can be used to conduct mission critical, industrial strength web services. We were wondering whether we should brand these profiles as ebWS, or something else. I still would appreciate feedback on that. Discussions on changing the names of the set of specs, namely ebXML, is moot. Regards,

Alexei Chirokikh wrote:

> Team,
> Should we close this thread? I think our future direction with name change
> is obvious - keep it. Think about how much efforts, money and time were
> invested in ebXML. Why do we need to start it again?
> Regards, Alexei
> Alexei Chirokikh, Ph.D.
> e-Business Architect, IBM Global Services
> 1630 Long Pond Road
> Rochester, NY 14626
> Voice: 1.716.720.7534  T/L: 451.7534
> Cell: 1.716.509.4869
> chiroka@us.ibm.com
>                       David RR Webber -
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>                       <Gnosis_@compuser        cc:       jamie.clark@mmiec.com, mcconnell@osm.net,
>                       ve.com>                   xmlgeek@gmi.net, atanton@oncecorp.com, Alexei
>                                                 Chirokikh/Rochester/IBM@IBMUS, dmw@nwlink.com,
>                       06/24/2002 11:20          ARIJIT.SENGUPTA@oracle.com, rachelf@ix.netcom.com,
>                       AM                        ebxml-mktg@lists.ebxml.org
>                                                Subject:  RE: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML name
> Message text written by Daniel Feygin
> >My point is
> that changing the name to something more meaningful to potential users
> would
> be an effective way of increasing the awareness and vendor appeal.<
> >>>
> Daniel,
> Whatever you call it -  Foobar-flakes, Krispy-Creme-EDI, it will all take
> time
> and effort to promote.  People are not born understanding this stuff.
> Lets promote the name we have - it has WAY MORE recognition than
> you realize - books written on it - hundreds of articles - spec's, et al.
> Just run a Google on ebXML to get a sense of the volume out there
> already.  This is presence - and it has been hard fought for over three
> years.
> DW.

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