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Subject: ebXML PoC -- summary of TR&P conference call


Here's a summary of this morning's conference call of the TR&P sub-group of
the ebXML PoC team.


Philippe De Smedt (Viquity)
Jacques Durand (Savvion/Fujitsu)
Dale Moberg (Sterling Commerce)
Farrukh Najmi (Sun/Javasoft)
Tony Blaje (pardon possibly incorrect spelling) (OAG)
David Webber

Regrets: Mark Hale (Ajuba), Gordon van Huizen (Progress Software)

We stepped through the write-up/strawman that I had submitted earlier. The
following observations were made:
*	there is agreement to show message transmissions using both the HTTP
and SMTP protocols; traffic using a hub will use HTTP; point-to-point
traffic will use either protocol; Viquity has expressed interest in hosting
the hub;
*	a fourth role needs to be defined (in addition to buyer, seller, and
hub): registry; the registry will be used to store TPA and business process
*	we can have multiple solution providers for the registry;
Sun/Javasoft, Savvion/Fujitsu, and Sterling have expressed interest in doing
*	Farrukh mentioned that the Reg/Rep spec should be in sufficiently
usable form (with API defined) by September 15; he stepped through the steps
for trading partners to take to register their profiles, and to derive TPAs
from there;
*	access to repository will be through messages (query-like) that will
be sent like all other messages, i.e., following the ebXML Messaging Service
*	solution providers can choose to implement reliable messaging
following the ebXML Reliable Messaging specification;
*	we talked about business processes, and how their UML representation
can be turned into XML (or XMI) for storage in repository, but we do not
expect automatic conversion in the Tokyo time frame; 
*	we will work closely with the other sub-teams (Reg/Rep, BP/CC) to
come up with a well-integrated PoC;
*	a desire was expressed to have some messages carry multiple-payload
documents; examples could be repository-related messages;
*	we'll create a matrix of functions/characteristics that we want to
show at the PoC (e.g. reliability, supported Internet protocols, hub,
point-to-point, registry, etc.); the matrix will be constructed by looking
at the various proposals that have been submitted to PoC (e.g. Fujitsu, GCI,
ebXML BP/CC, Cisco -- pardon any omissions); participants in the PoC will
then be asked to mark on the matrix which functionality/characteristic they
intend to show or contribute to;

Action items:
*	Farrukh will show examples of how to register trading partner
profiles, and derive TPAs from them;
*	Philippe will draw up the functions/characteristics matrix (I will
do so by tomorrow's (Thursday) ebXML PoC conference call).

Overall a good meeting, but we all look forward to broader participation,
expecially given the number of solution providers that have expressed
interest in participating.
Philippe De Smedt
Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
(408) 548-9722
(408) 747-5586 (fax)

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