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Subject: Re: Question on ebXML Business Process and Core Components MaterialsManagement Doc

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi

I am not sure what you mean by "get" and "put" APIs over HTTP.

>>>>>>>>>>> Krishna - thats the obvious easy way to do it - and I
                          believe we can still do that - only we will have
to use the
                          TRP outer wrapper to conform to TRP header/body
                          and dig out the appropriate one of the 6
interface contents,
                          run the query, and then push back the results
with another
                          TRP header/body wrapper around it.

 The only speced access to  Registry should be over the 6 interfaces in the
 Registry Services v0.8 and should be based on ebXML Messaging Service
 as defined by that spec TRP group for POC. 

>>>>>>>>>>>> The PDF for this is available from the usual ebXML RegRep

Note that theoretically, it should be possible to access any one of our
implementations with any one of our Registry Client implementations.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Yeah, there was a theory once that the world was flat.... ; -)

And Yes the Registry is fairly agnostic of the content it manages. It only
needs to know the
meta data about the content in a standard way.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Boy Farrukh - this one sentence is where a whole ton of
rubber hits the
                               road.  That standard way is still very much
up for grabs.  The ebXML 
                               metamodel / coupled to the GUIDE approach /
coupled to the 
                                OASIS information model is where this road
leads - but for right now
                               we only have a 40 page spec' so expect these
'details' to be a 
                                little thin right now ; ->   Basically for
the PoC we're going with what
                                BP and CC give us and a very light
classification schema DTD.


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