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Subject: RE: Question on ebXML Business Process and Core Components MaterialsManagement Doc

Message text written by Krishna Sankar

        Couple of things:

        1.      Sig, I assume you are planning to have the regrep examples
of the
documents for the POC demo soon. If you have already tested it, may be we
can use the samples from that test.

        2.      David/Farrukh, the regrep should be content agnostic
anyway. My idea was
that, as regrep implementors, we provide the "get" and "put" APIs (I am
working on these interfaces over HTTP as we speak) The verticals can then
store whatever they want and get it whenever they want. Does the registry
"know" what is stored in it ?


OK - good.  Farrukh and I had also been working on this - so we can
our ideas and samples once you're done.

The RegRep approach does require that you classify content - so there is
a wrapper DTD in the v.08 spec's that Farrukh did - the open question is 
'does this cover the ground?'  I've already indicated to Farrukh I feel
is one area prime for changes once BP and CC have formalized their
DTD structures to marry the whole.  Also - Farrukh has created a set of 
10 or so functions, again - my initial review of these is I'm happy with
these 'wrappers' but the internals may change.  Also I've produced an
internal DTD that provides a single generalized read/write method that
can support all ten wrapper functions, that I'm working with NIST for the
OASIS implementation...

So much code, so little time!!   Anyway - suffice to say - between us all
I'm sure we can get some good mechanisms working here within the
constraints of the v.08 criteria.

Thanks, DW.

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