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Subject: RE: upcoming POC work?

<Mark Hale>
 Please feel free to add topics (by posting to this
list) that are representative of new specification functionality.
</Mark Hale>

Please add one or more of the following topics,
which explore the BP metamodel:
* Business collaborations consisting of more than one 
  commercial transaction (i.e. single business document
  and response).
  * Especially where there are significant business-logic
    relationships between the commercial transactions,
    * contract negotiations
    * order-and-fulfillment
    * something goes wrong on the business level, e.g.
      * order cannot be fulfilled as requested
      * order is only partially fulfilled
      * discrepancies between advanced shipping notice and receiving
* Integration with internal business apps, e.g.
  * automated Available-To-Promise query

What we have had so far in POC scenarios has been isolated
business documents, without even realistic order-acceptance.

I don't mean this as a criticism of previous POCs; their 
priorities were appropriate.  I'm just suggesting where
we need to go to demonstrate business benefits beyond
traditional EDI.

Bob Haugen

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