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Subject: RE: CPA composition from multi-role CPPs


	the attached document looks very much like the TA document (lines 259 to
295 including TA figure 1). Few differences, mainly in referencing CPPs and
CPA and in the bottom part of your doc.

Here are my comments:

1.	Beginning of second paragraph.
	When CompanyA "submits its own implementation details, reference links,
	and Business Profile information to the ebXML Registry" I think that you
	that it submits a CPP. Does it?

2.	"business processes" (end of 2nd sentence of 2nd paragraph) and "business
	beginning of 3rd sentence of 2nd paragraph) are they the same thing?

3.	"usage of business scenarios" (end of 2nd paragraph).
	I concur with the comments from Marty.

4.	I concur with Marty's comment on data transformation in paragraph 3
	(this paragraph is not present in the TA document).

	In my opinion, in reality both parties would need some form of
	but, likely, this transformation would be between the XML-form of some
	payload and the concrete internal representation used by a real-life

5.	Paragraph 5.
	I commented in the real TA document the fact that it is not a requirement
	the ebXML runtime software would be able to engage in any kind of automatic
	negotiation (including the simple exchange of CPPs).

	If here you are proposing a possible implementation, in addition to the
	issues highlighted by Marty, I do not honestly think that the
	would make it possible to arrive to a comlete negotiation of a CPA
	by runtime software. In my understanding, the negotiation would be an
	off-line activity, which may be helped by some software but that would
	require at least a blessing from some human.

6.	Paragraph 6 (fault tolerance).
	I think, as mentioned before, that the whole negotiation is an iterative
	process involving humans (helped by some smart "editor"-like application)
	instead than something that could be fully automated.
	So, the reversing of the roles would be part of the human-negotiation
	and I would not go drilling into it to formalize an algorithm.

	But this is just  my IMHO

Thanks a lot for the attention


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 Sent: 19 January 2001 21:22
 To: Martin W Sachs
 Cc: Moberg, Dale; 'christopher ferris'; ebxml-tp@lists.ebxml.org
 Subject: Re: CPA composition from multi-role CPPs

 Here is the copy marked "for public distribution"


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