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Subject: RE: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT or X12qualifiers

I'm being TOTALLY practical.

Do I REALLY expect Amazon to host its own ebXML Repository.

YOU BET!  How else will it expose its interfaces to other 
ebXML compliant trading partners???!!

The ebXML Repository can be a simple as a sub-directory
on your Web Server with a single flatfile in it if we architect 
this all right.  Why the hell would you NOT do that so the
world can reference your configuration and message
requirements - seems like a NO BRAINER.

There's a million reasons why Amazon will want the 
Behemoth version of the Repository.   I bet Amazon
right now is managing thousands of web interfaces with
different sites.  If they can do that all through one single
ebXML repository layer you will here rocket igniting sounds
as they rush to get there.

They will of course take baby steps getting there, but once
they realize it works - then expect them to quickly adopt and
ask partners to move likewise.

Good news on the BizTalk liaison BTW.  We all need to 
raise and fly that flag whenever we can.

Message text written by INTERNET:dick@8760.com

We must be practical here, do you really expect Amazon to query a ebXML
repository for information, I don't think this is practical. The repository
MUST be an OPTIONAL part of an ebXML transaction exchange, do we agree? I
really don't expect Amazon or any other interactive site to change their
existing systems/databases/repositories to adhere to ebXML's regrep API.

Regarding your question:
> Have Microsoft said anything about, or have
> they been
> asked about, supporting ebXML interchange headers in BizTalk BTW?
> I'm sure I'll get a chance to ask them at XMLWorld in Boston next
> month....

I've had numerous conversations with Satish Thatte, Microsoft's BizTalk
Framework 2 architect about the possible ways BizTalk and ebXML might work
together. I expect to have more news on this front after the W3C XML
Protocols activity begins.


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