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Subject: Re: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT orX12qualifiers

There must be something I'm missing here. Doesn't the repository contain
the TPP for the party plus message choreographies it finds acceptable
(ignoring for a second the factoring of thr two)? If the repository is
optional, where does an ebXML messaging service obtain this vital
ebXML-compliant info? Or does an ebXML message need to understand
several other flavors of this?

If that's the case, and we're not careful to establish over-the-wire
interoperability between ebXML messaging service implementations, remind
me again why we're bothering to do ebXML?

Or are you suggesting that Amazon doesn't need to be ebXML-compliant,
but ebXML providers need to interoperate with whatever they have? That
seems way outside the scope of ebXML, and into the land of vendor
support for multiple eBusiness protocols/frameworks.


Dick Brooks wrote:
> David,
> We must be practical here, do you really expect Amazon to query a ebXML
> repository for information, I don't think this is practical. The repository
> MUST be an OPTIONAL part of an ebXML transaction exchange, do we agree? I
> really don't expect Amazon or any other interactive site to change their
> existing systems/databases/repositories to adhere to ebXML's regrep API.
> Regarding your question:
> > Have Microsoft said anything about, or have
> > they been
> > asked about, supporting ebXML interchange headers in BizTalk BTW?
> >
> > I'm sure I'll get a chance to ask them at XMLWorld in Boston next
> > month....
> I've had numerous conversations with Satish Thatte, Microsoft's BizTalk
> Framework 2 architect about the possible ways BizTalk and ebXML might work
> together. I expect to have more news on this front after the W3C XML
> Protocols activity begins.
> Dick Brooks
> Group 8760
> 110 12th Street North
> Birmingham, AL 35203
> dick@8760.com
> 205-250-8053
> Fax: 205-250-8057
> http://www.8760.com/
> InsideAgent - Empowering e-commerce solutions
> >
> > Thanks, DW.
n:Van Huizen;Gordon
org:Progress Software;SonicMQ Applications
adr:;;14 Oak Park;Bedford;MA;01730;
title:Director, Product Management
fn:Gordon Van Huizen

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