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Subject: Re: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT or X12qualifiers

Maybe this is a matter of semantics.

You asked:

>YOU BET!  How else will it expose its interfaces to other
>ebXML compliant trading partners???!!

It depends on what you mean by "expose its interfaces":

- I can expose information about how to conduct E-Commerce with me/my server to
a trading partner via e-mail, fax, html pages, programmatic interfaces, xml
document, sound waves, Braille, et al. In this case I'm providing my trading
partner with the information they need to engage in an E-Commerce transaction
with me.

Many of the customers I work with "expose their interface" via a industry
standard Trading Partner Agreement in MS Word format. This "hard copy" document
is exchanged between legal departments using FedEx or some other freight

- If you mean "expose its interfaces" as in the "distributed object" sense, then
again there are several alternatives; servlets, CGI executables, ASP, JSP,
Distributed object access technology (Corba, DCOM), RPC technology (ONC, DCE,
SOAP, XML-RPC), MOM alternatives (MQSeries, MSMQ).

Many of the customers I work with use CGI or servlet technology to accomplish

Which one of these are we talking about (or is it both)?


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