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Subject: Re: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT orX12qualifiers

Gordon wrote:

> optional, where does an ebXML messaging service obtain this vital
> ebXML-compliant info? Or does an ebXML message need to understand
> several other flavors of this?

Let's not confuse WHAT information has to be provided to make ebXML work with
HOW the information is provided. I think we all agree that ebXML parties must
agree on WHAT information is needed but HOW this information is obtained and
stored will depend on many factors. Do we agree?

> If that's the case, and we're not careful to establish over-the-wire
> interoperability between ebXML messaging service implementations, remind
> me again why we're bothering to do ebXML?

ebXML is defining an over-the-wire specification within the TR&P specs (headers
and packaging). This should (hopefully) ensure interoperability. ebXML is also
defining WHAT information trading partners need in order to conduct E-Commerce
using ebXML. The point of this discussion is whether or not a ebXML host MUST
provide a regrep API  to ensure interoperability. I contend that a repository
API IS NOT a requirement for interoperability because the information needed to
exchange ebXML messages can be provided through several means (e-mail, word
docs, fax, et al). A regrep API might make the process more efficient in some
cases, but it shouldn't be  a mandatory requirement.

> Or are you suggesting that Amazon doesn't need to be ebXML-compliant,
> but ebXML providers need to interoperate with whatever they have? That
> seems way outside the scope of ebXML, and into the land of vendor
> support for multiple eBusiness protocols/frameworks.

My main point is this;  some parts of ebXML are absolutely mandatory to ensure
interoperability between trading partners, standard headers and packaging, are
two classic examples. I DON'T believe a "repository interface (API)" is needed
to ensure interoperability. There are many ways to convey the information about
HOW two parties engage in ebXML compliant E-Commerce without making this
information available via a programmatic interface. Would a standard
programmatic interface be useful - of course - in some cases, but not all. The
Amazon example is one case where a programmatic interface to an ebXML repository
is unnecessary.


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