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Subject: Revisions to Reliable Messaging Spec v0-074

Based on our discussions of procedure this morning and the revised Work 
Plan I just sent out... and with reference to the Reliable Messaging 
Specification v0-074 released on 16 August:

1. I suggest releasing the document to POC on 7 September, meaning that we 
vote on it in our teleconference on 7 September.

2. We should priority to discussing RM comments in the 31 August 

3. Cut-off for comments on this draft from TRP members needs to be the end 
of the day on Monday, 28 August. I am in meetings and travelling on 
Tuesday, but will push to have a consolidated list of comments for 
discussion on Wed morning for group review. If you can send your comments 
*earlier*, I will greatly appreciate it!

4. Please send comments to me with copy to the group list. Help me out by 
doing the following:
   - identify your comments with your initials and a number, as "jh-1", 
"jh-2", etc...
   - point to the line number in the draft spec
   - make a clear statement of what you want me to do, with a rationale 
("delete", "add", etc.).
   - if someone else has already made the same point, don't bother 
duplicating the comment unless you want to make a different point!

5. I will try to resolve duplicates and clarify the desired action so we 
can move through the list...

Note in the Work Plan that I have identified two revision cycles in TRP 
before we release the document for Quality Review. We'll have another 
chance to amend the doc in a second pass, so it should be OK to put in some 
forward references to work not done yet if it is realistic that we will get 
it done before October.

Thanks for your help, and apologies if the above looks a little dogmatic... 
but I think that if we tighten up our process a little, it will really help us.

Jim Hughes

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