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Subject: Re: Tracking Log RE: discussion priorities

At 04:50 PM 8/25/2000 -0400, Henry Lowe wrote:

>Been thinking about this and the multi-hop problem (I think
>they are linked) and have at least a simplistic solution in
>mind -- a doubly linked ring of To/From items, one for each
>hop of the route, and a designated Originator and Destination
>so you know where a message started and where it's (supposed
>to be) going; each Messaging Service Handler (MSH - not sure
>how to pronounce this) will add a "been here" element to a log
>at the end of the message (it has to be at the end so implementations
>don't need to copy/manipulate the buffered message received to
>add the "been here" -- efficiency consideration, copying from
>one buffer to another is BADness).
>This is probably best explained with a diagram.  I'll try to
>draw it up and send it out.  I was thinking that this could be
>integrated with the RM spec first (as Jim Hughes pointed out,
>RM already has the start of multi-hop in it) -- is that OK
>with you/Fujitsu, Jim?

The draft RM spec specifies a Routing Header which does exactly this.

>Question: will the RM spec eventually be integrated with the
>Messaging Service spec?

I believe it will, as shown in the draft Work Plan...


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