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Subject: Re: Multiple copies of email...


I don't include myself on messages I reply to, but do include the 
other folk to ensure they get it -- as you point out, the list 
server can be erratic.  This also tells me if the server worked 
properly -- if I don't get it, others on the list didn't either.

Best regards,
At 05:43 PM 08/25/2000 -0700, Jim Hughes wrote:
>Because I sent out an email about the Work Plan over a week ago, I continue 
>to get copied on follow-up messages under the same Subject... in two 
>copies! Can  everyone please do the following before pressing the send button:
>1) change the Subject line if you're talking about something else
>2) just send the message to the list server unless you *really* want people 
>to get two copies!
>(of course, I'm presuming that the list server operates properly, which is 
>not always true...)

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