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Subject: thursday con-call agenda


This week we need to make MORE PROGRESS towards
addressing the various comments against the v0.8
spec than we have to date.

PLEASE come prepared. If there are issues, let's air
them out via email or off-line discussions before
the call.

Also, I'd propose that we adopt the following scheme
for handling issue resolution:
	- discuss via email and concall week 1
	- vote the following week after brief recap

Hopefully, this will allow for us to deal more effectively
with the remaining issues. If discussion rages on, we can
cut it short (on the call) and continue it offline via
email or interim calls.

I'd also like Ian to put out to the list another set
of issues to be covered in next week's call. We can
begin discussion on these this week if there's time.



1) final (and I mean it this time;-) vote on Content-Length
removal. The issue has been hashed out ad nauseum, let's
nail it for good this time.

2) discuss extension mechanism proposal [1] we'll vote the
following week to allow time for the discussion to mature
and be resolved if there are differences.

3) discuss and vote on Doug's proposal for charset handling [2]

4) discuss and test indicator proposal(s) [3][4] as with 4, we'll
vote next week's call.

5) discuss and vote on the changes (minor I think) I submitted
a couple weeks ago [5]. we'll vote the following week.

[1] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200011/msg00195.html
[2] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200011/msg00219.html
[3] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200011/msg00217.html
[4] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200011/msg00216.html
[5] http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200011/msg00194.html
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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