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Subject: RE: CPA and overrides

I agree with Martha and Rich. Forcing a CPA/CPP module onto an MSH solution
is an unnecessary burden on those
needing simple, "direct" file transfer over a single transport, which is the
majority of implementations
in the Energy industry. The EDIINT AS2 specification made provisions for
multiple transport options by adding
a "receipt-delivery-option" header.  This header contains a URI indicating
the transport and delivery point (e.g.
http://b2b.imacompany.com/cgi-bin/ebxmlhandler or
mailto:ebxmlhandler@imacompany.com ) to send an asynchronous receipt

CPA/CPP functionality is a nice feature for some, but it shouldn't be a
requirement for ALL. If alternate delivery channels are needed for
*acknowledgements* then I suggest a solution like that found in AS2.

Dick Brooks

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Subject: Re: CPA and overrides

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As I recall the discussion of "override" from the telecon's of a couple
of weeks ago, the concern was that an MSH not be able to change the
delivery semantics that were specified in the CPA.  For example, a
UDP-based MSH could not accept a message intended for ReliableMessaging,
but then silently use BestEffort.

*IF* we put all the delivery semantics into the ebXML message header,
then this question mostly goes away, because there is no CPA involved:
it becomes a quality of implementation issue for how the business app
tells its local MSH what semantics are required *by the business

Requiring an MSH to have to refer to a CPA is clearly a layering violation.


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