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Subject: Issue: How CPA is used in the spec

Several parts of the spec include words such as "The default value for
messageOrderSemantics is specified in the CPA - Line 531". This is clearly
is no longer true as messageOrderSemantics can also be in the MessageHeader.
We need to fix this by:
*	agreeing on wording to include in the spec that describes the
relationship between the parameter in the header and the same parameter in
the CPA
*	changing other reference to the CPA to refer to this wording.

I'm pretty sure we will need to discuss what the wording should be. However,
as a starter, how about adding the following to section 8.5.3 (on the CPAId
element) after line 438 ... 

"When sending a message, the reliable messaging parameters present in the
header SHOULD be set to the same values as the equivalents in the CPA as
identified by the CPAId. The recipient of a message MAY check that
parameters in the header are consistent with the CPA, and, if there are
inconsistencies, then they MAY report the inconsistency with an errorCode of
Inconsistent and a severity of either Warning or Error. Alternatively, the
parameters in the header can over-ride the parameters in the CPA. If the
parameters are not present in the header, then the parameter values
identified by the CPAId MUST be used."

If we go ahead with this I've included suggested changes to reference in my
other email.



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