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Subject: RE: List Administration ...

William J. Kammerer:> 
>........my good friends in BP have now
> figured out how to get their documents uploaded to the server so the
> rest of us can choose, or choose not, to download them at our leisure.

Hallalujah.   Thanks for the work you've done on this issue, Bill.

> Bill further muses "has anyone considered replacing this with a
> discussion server? That would not only provide a message tree structure
> for reconstructing the history of a particular thread

I think it is a VERY good idea, that the ebXML workgroups should move
to a more functional collaboration platform.   VERY good idea.  Call the
guys at LinkUAll.com or other commercial dot-com providers, they might
be receptive to hosting it cheap or free.  LinkUAll is free, iirc, anyway.
There is a list of 1400 different dotcoms and ASPs on www.aspnews.com
with a search engine to find all the "project" and "collaboration" and

A threaded discussion is only ONE of several functions we could
obtain: project schedules/timelines, gantt charts, versioned file storage,
checkin/checkout, chat, and various hyperlink schemes for the discussion

It will be a very good thing for the broader society if professionals
collaborate online, and anything collaborative done by such a visible
group as ebXML will get very wide attention and will be emulated.  

(Admittedly, reducing unnecessary automobile trips, and reducing the
wasted productivity of physical travel is outside ebXML scope, for 
which I apologize.)

* Todd F. Boyle CPA    http://www.GLDialtone.com/

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