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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] New WSCI spec competes with BPSS....

Todd says:

> <more noise>
> Why aren't they down here in ebXML working with us on the standards??

Because open standards do not proprietary monopolies (aka: money machines) 
make. ;-)

> ebXML has some of the best scientists in the world, they have
> already been through BPML and punctured some logical
> holes in it.  And probably learned some useful things from it.

I'm hoping that this will be reflected in a much more complete BPSS spec in the next 
version.  I see no problem borrowing good ideas from other sources for this (BPML, 
WSCI, etc....).  

> Guys like me will remember, and criticize, developers
> and companies a long time in the future, whose stuff doesn't
> interoperate.  Especially when the incompatible applications are
> broken by standards, forcing the customers into upgrades.

Count me in as "one of those guys"!


Chaeron Corporation

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