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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] New WSCI spec competes with BPSS....

At 01:50 PM 6/13/02, bhaugen wrote:
>  Todd says:
> >
>  > ebXML has some of the best scientists in the world, they have
> > already been through BPML and punctured some logical
> > holes in it.  And probably learned some useful things from it.
>Who's punctured logical holes in BPML?
>Let's not start any new standards-group-marketing rumors.
>The relationships between these groups are strange.
>BPSS and other ebXML+eBTWG projects have had
>high-quality participation from some people in both
>BPML and BTP.  To name two, Jean-Jacques Dubray
>of BPML and Tony Fletcher of BTP.  We've had some
>mutually-respectful conversations pointing to the strengths
>and fitness for use of each spec.  That is, each of them
>has particular best use-cases. Some of them could
>play together nicely. We can actually think about it together
>somewhat scientifically.

My message was duly respectful of BPML.  Just as respectful
as your paragraph above. :-)    And certainly within the range
of the informal, verbal dialogs at meetings of ebTWG which is,
the normal attitudes of people who have normal levels of
testosterone etc. !  :-)

The ebXML community depends on the mailing lists.  We don't
have IRC chat.  An excess of respectfulness on the list can
inhibit communication.  It increases the cost of contributing by
requiring near-textbook quality.  It raises the fear of backlash.

>Then you get the would-be marketroids
>from all of the groups who just want to diss
>"the competition".  Or "kill BPSS".
>We need Scott Adams to come up with a new
>Dilbert character for these guys.

That would be fun - - I'll be glad to see those!

But the fact is, at least three different groups of engineers are
purposefully, working on three different BP choreography
solutions that are not interoperable.    It is those engineers
who need a Dilbert cartoon!   There is nothing like humor,
to get a point across :-)

"Union of Concerned Customers of Scientists"

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