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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] Gartner and ebXML


Thanks for the selected excerpts.  However, in looking again
through the material, there are lots of discussions on B2B
scenarios for web services and again, ebXML does not come
up.  I did find a reference to ebMS but that was the only
part of ebXML that came up.  That reference is in a presentation
(A7 for those that have it too!) by Jess Thompson and Wes Rishel
that discusses  standardization of semantics and never mentions
Core Components (and yes, I realize that that is not *technically*
a part of ebXML).  It is in fact comparing RosettaNet PIPs
against BPMI (ignoring external vs internal workflow) and never
mentions BPSS.  It discusses UDDI (with caution) but never
mentions RegRep.

For it's part it clearly supports ebMS...but it stops there
and never mentions other parts of the framework when their
direct counterparts and solution space is being addressed.

It is also a bit upsetting that in a seminar with 29 presentations
on application integration, that not one describes the ebXML
framework - OSI comparison or not - Gartner should at least describe
the business problems that ebXML was designed to solve.  Perhaps
that is how it gets marketed.

My .02 USD


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