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Re: Where have all the developers gone?

>Imre: Hello Monica and All, of course,
>how can I follow this activity as a non-member?
>I visited the site, found a schema and a doc but they are too few me to
find out what you are dealing with recently. :-(
>On the site I can find only the possibility to subscribe to this mailing
list... where I've been for a long time.
>I'd be interested what is going on inside BP and inside CC even in both,
mm1: We just released the working draft v2.0 schema for team review and 
are integrating more changes on variables, operations (for web services 
implementations) and extended compositional capabilities for Business 
Transaction activities for example. You are free to review the public 
You can also send comments via 
(Send Comment button).  In addition, Dale Moberg, co-chair 
(dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com) and I are available to answer questions. 

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