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Subject: RE: PartyId and Context

Marty raises a good point that actually we have discussed before.

In late September we addressed the topic of using URIs for PartyIds by
default. A good place to start looking at the archives is at ...

The bottom line from this was:
1. Putting names like "Duns" in context was not a good idea since we would
need to set up a registry that was equivalent to IANA. IANA has well defined
procedures that make allocation of domain names easy to do. If we use a
context attribute then we would have to define our own equivalent of RFC2611
to define what it should contain and how it should be maintained. See also

2. Instead the final conclusion was that PartyId should default to a
structure like:
<!ATTLIST PartyId 

Where the content of the PartyId element identifies a Party.

If the Type attribute is present, then it indicates that the parties that
are sending and receiving the message know, by some other means, how to
interpret the content of the PartyId element. The two parties MAY use the
value of the Type attribute to assist in the interpretation.

If the Type attribute is not present, the content of the PartyId element
MUST be a URI [RFC 2396], otherwise there is an error.

Use of URIs within a PartyId is RECOMMENDED.

See also

3. If we follow this approach and have separate From and To as Chris/Prasad
have been discussing, then we would have as a DTD ...

4. On a final point, does anyone have a preference for FromParty and ToParty
instead of From and To ?? I think I marginallyt prefer FromParty. Thoughts?



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From: Martin W Sachs [mailto:mwsachs@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2000 6:36 AM
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Subject: PartyId and Context

We will need to state, or provide a normative reference to, the value of
Context that goes with each kind of party identifier.  Is there a
standardized dictionary of codes representing different kinds of
identifiers such as DUNS that we can refer to?



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