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Subject: Re: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Core components..


We really need some XML specifications for the core components of ebXML, as
we have products that we really want to ship later in the year.

It appears as though there are some difficulties in defining the core
components, although I note there have been some good efforts in the
directory area and so forth.

If ebXML needs to produce documentation quickly, then I would suggest
concentrating on the most important things as far as eb is concerned.

In my opinion, there are four documents that need to be designed, or adapted
from existing patterns.

They are:
                 (1) The Purchase Order
                 (2) The Invoice / Receipt / ASN
                 (3) The Payment Advice
                 (4) The Statement of Account

With documentation that describes these four documents, a lot of pressure on
ebXML could be dissapated.

I've seen that we have quite a few people here who are sufficiently skilled
to make a start on these components. Also, Edifact/X12 could quite easily be
stripped to produce a relatively simple subset. It doesn't need to do
everything, only the basic stuff.

Forgive my optimism, but we have Customers who really want to bash some of
these messages around. It's costing me money every day that ebXML is not
going, so if called upon, I'd certainly be willing to help.

Take care all

David Lyon

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