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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] WS vs. ebXML poll

I will pay you $100 if you go to Orlando and attend the Interop. jun27/28.
If 20 or 30 other people contribute, you're in business!

Tell your story to the other standards bodies, listen to their stories,
and come back and give us a roadmap for COORDINATING our

Don't tell us, everything is ok, the specs are turning out to be
sort of complementary.  And especially, don't tell us after the fact,
that executives have been collaborating with Microsoft or IBM in
closed session.  We want all these things COORDINATED within
a transparent public process.


At 09:04 AM 6/14/02, Klaus-Dieter Naujok wrote:
>On 6/14/02 7:49 AM, "colin adam" wrote:
> > That discussion highlighted for me the issue that some people may see ebxml
> > and web services in competition...
> > ...Until today there has been no comments.
>Could it be that this is not seen as competition as pointed out by Jamie and
> >I welcome everyone to come and make their opinions know in the
> > comments section under that article once it is published.
>Not knowing what your article will present, let me point you to an article
>to be published in the July issue of Web Services Journal (pages 48-52)
>titled "ebXML: The Missing Ingredient for Web Services?". Too bad I am not
>able to submit the text to this group until it is published. The article
>supports Jamie's view that ebXML is not in competition with WS. The main
>points made in the article is that ebXML provides functionality to WS so
>that they can be used for industrial-strength and mission-critical
>applications. Let's not forget that the ebXML infrastructure set of
>specifications provides the only "open, out-of-the-box, standards-based"
>solution ready for use NOW! As Jamie said, it is not a question of ebXML vs.
>WS but more along the line of ebXML vs. WS-I. How come that IBM and MS after
>successfully convincing ebXML to adopt SOAP decided to start up yet another
>effort with the same goals? When ebXML was created the term WS did not
>exist, however, had it we most likely would have not called it ebXML but
>ebWS. In other words ebXML is WS there is no competition. All those points
>are part of my article. I encourage you to read it.
>Klaus-Dieter Naujok             UN/CEFACT/eBTWG & TMWG Chair
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