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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] BPSS and WSCI

From: Michael C. Rawlins
> if you're going to execute the BPSS you have to
> track it's states, and the only place you can really go for the states
> trying to correlate them with the states available in the application.

I disagree.

Most internal business apps were not designed
to work with external conversations.
I think there are several other possibilities.
Some are being developed in eBTWG
as we speak, and should be published soon.

> Furthermore, when the BPSS and BP worksheet examples have things like:
> "Constraints - The invoice shall only be sent after confirmed
> shipment.  The invoice shall reflect the confirmed shipment."
> "Guard Condition - ThreeWayMatach(Invoice).State=VALID"
> "Preconditions - Valid Sales Order, Valid Vendor Relation"

I suspect the worksheet example authors are still struggling,
like everybody else, with what kinds of states are appropriate
for the external collaboration.

> You're telling me that you aren't expecting a BPSS-enabled application
> pay attention to this type of stuff?

No, I think that is way too complex and internally-focused.

>If they are supposed to, where are
> the standard semantics for any of these values?

The eBTWG Business Entity Type Library project
is working on starter semantics for business states
for external collaborations.

I don't want to get into a long argument here about
this stuff.  Their documents are almost ready to be

But in short, these kinds of state alignments are
necessary for external business collaborations.
They are also already codified in one way or another
in commercial law and customs.
They are not technical, nor are they rocket science.
The correct semantics will be simple,
and every business person will understand them.

I have no doubt that meeting that promise
will take time and diligent effort, and the
first efforts may not be perfect.


-Bob Haugen

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