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Subject: Re: [PartyId "type" negotiation]

"William J. Kammerer" wrote:

> Prasad Yendluri said "If one party uses arbitrary partyId 'type' (for
> their own partyId), the receiving party may not have the framework to
> verify the Id to be a valid one per the 'type' (say DUNS)."
> Why would you need to validate the DUNS of your potential trading
> partner at all? Wouldn't the registry have done that when the CPP was
> registered?

Nope! Registry does not "validate" the content submitted to it.

> For example, why would a registry knowingly allow someone
> to use General Motors' DUNS in a CPP unless the registrant were known to
> be General Motors? You should be able to trust the CPP belongs to whom
> it purports to belong to, and the registry has a vested interest in
> ensuring so.

Registry is not responsible for validating all attributes of content you
submit. You can submit binary data into registry.

> Assuming I trust the registry, I should be able to trust the CPPs
> contained within it.

That is an incorrect assumption :)

>  If a "registry" of the decrepit old EDI model -
> say, Sterling Commerce - tells me that Roadway Express is accessible on
> their network using either SCAC "RDWY" or DUNS "006998397", then I can
> trust them.  If my ISA says send this EDI interchange to whomever has
> the SCAC of "RDWY" I want that data only to go to Roadway Express in
> Akron, Ohio.  Can't ebXML do the same?

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